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I Love You, the Simple Words We Share with a Select Furry Group

i love you

When it comes to showing love, a new study has revealed we are more likely to open up and speak those magical three words to our pets rather than a close family member.

What is not to love about our pets? We shower them with gifts, food, treats and snacks. In return, they are always there when we need them, they love us unconditionally. The same can be said about our family, who help us grow and navigate life, and love us no matter what.

But did you know that British people tell their pets they love them more times in a year than they do to their immediate family, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by delivery giants Hermes, has suggested that British people are more comfortable telling their furry friends the love them than their mums, dads, brothers or sisters.

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i love you


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The study by the parcel delivery operators has revealed that one in three of the 2,002 people profiled admitted they had told their pet they love them in the last week, while just one in four told their mums, and one in five told their dads over the same span on time.

Stunningly, since becoming an adult, one in five revealed they have NEVER told their dad they love them, and one in eight astonishingly avoid saying those three beautiful words to their mum. It doesn’t get any better for brothers and sisters, who almost half of the surveyed group admit never telling they love them.

The findings have led to Hermes to launch a campaign called #sendmorelove, where they are encouraging Brits to show others just how much they mean to them through sending a personalised or thoughtful gift.

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For more information on the study or to join the #sendmorelove initiative visit Hermes online

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