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Space Saving Cat Beds Are Here – Here’s How to Get the IKEA Trend in the UK

© PiuPet / IKEA

If you love everything IKEA-related, then you’ll be delighted to know that the retailer has a pet collection called LURVIG.

Following in the footsteps of other home retailers, the range particularly focuses on pet furniture with the space saving cat house particularly of note.

The LURVIG cat house is special as it seeks to save space in the home by slotting a comfortable cat bed into an IKEA shelving unit.


Fabulous you may say, but there’s one current drawback: the IKEA pet collection is presently not available in the UK.

There are rumoured plans for the brand to bring the collection to Britain next year but if you fancy buying your kitty a super cool space saving cat bed in the meantime, you may be out of luck.

Fortunately, there’s a UK alternative on hand.

The PiuPet Cat Bed is currently available on Amazon UK for a respectable £24.98.


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Much like the LURVIG equivalent, the cat house offers your feline a cosy space for retreat and relaxation.

Crucially of all, however, it fits into and is suitable for IKEA KALLAX and EXPEDIT shelving units.

It comes in a stylish grey colour so is perfect for fitting into minimalist homes, while the fine polyester felt ensures your feline feels comfortable and right at home in their new bed.

If you live in US, Canada,France or Japan, the good news is you can currently pick up the official IKEA space saving cat bed in a variety of fun and funky colours, ranging from simple black to a pretty pink pattern.

If you’d prefer a simple chic grey house right here in the UK, however, the PiuPet stylish offers the perfect alternative!

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