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IKEA Are Looking for All Your Old Linen to Make New Beds for RSPCA Pets In Need

ikea rspca animal bed

If you are considering a new bedspread, rug, or textile for your home, don’t throw out all of your old linen, IKEA want to turn it all into new bedding for furry little friends in need.

IKEA, in partnership with the RSCPA, have revealed a new initiative aimed at collecting unused bedding and textiles of all shapes and sizes to be repurposed and transformed into cosy new beds for cats, dogs, and other animals, currently waiting to find their forever home in RSPCA shelters.

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Just think about all that old fabric, linen, rugs, and towels, taking up valuable space in your home.

The furniture retailer want it all so they can create essential bedding for animals in need. It’s a win win, help gorgeous pets get comfy, while also clearing valuable home space.

ikea rspca animal bed


IKEA Australia issued the call to all those in the market for new fabric and linen to donate all their pre-loved bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers, towels, and quilts at their local store.

The flatpack furniture giant will collect all the donated fabric and turn them into cosy new beds for furry critters currently living in RSPCA Australia animal shelters.

The new initiative is part of a wider effort IKEA are making to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable business model.

For more information on the IKEA RSPCA animal bed initiative visit IKEA or RCSPA online. 

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