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Japan Has Just Released a Range of Tiny Furniture for Cats

© Okawa Kagu

One growing trend for pets and the home is the focus on modern pet furniture most humans would be content with.

If we’re not treating our feline friends to a chic and stylish tower, we’re building an entire modernist lounge for them to live in.

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modern cat lounge

There’s a growing trend for modern style home concepts for pets, like this cat lounge by INDOT… 

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What you perhaps didn’t see coming, however, was an entire range of tiny furniture like this…

Who else but Japan – the home of the famous cat cafe – would devise such an idea?

Well, IKEA recently announced they were releasing a furniture line for pets  but this latest range takes the concept to new (oh-so-cute) heights.

For instance, wouldn’t you love to see your moggie climb into their very own tiny bed?

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How about letting them watch TV on an exact tiny replica of your own sofa?

This genius collection comprises of a pine wood sofa designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a dark wood cat bed designed and created by Tateno Mokuzai.

Why you may ask?  Well, it’s not all about creating for fussy felines.

The new campaign called “craftsman MADE” is actually intended to reinvigorate the craft industry of Japan’s Fukuoka region using the skills of local artisans.

The idea is that existing full-scale designs are down-sized to satisfy every glamour puss.

Now if they could just create a tiny TV you could cuddle up and enjoy a Netflix binge together…

You can watch the cats enjoy the furniture below

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