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Land Rover has Launched a Full Range of Dog Accessories For Cars

© Image: Land Rover

The Pet Pack is a brand new release from Land Rover which will excite dog lovers who want to pamper their pets while they travel.

The dog accessories for cars include a quilted load liner, foldable pet carrier, access ramp, spill-resistant water bowl, and even a portable shower system.

The portable shower system holds up to 6.5 litres of water and delivers up to five minutes of continuous flow. Perfect for washing down your dog after a muddy walk – or removing sand after a summer trip to the beach.

land rover dog accessories

Image: Land Rover

If the shower doesn’t get all the mud off your pooch then the premium quilted load space liner will protect the floor, rear seat backs and side wall carpets from muddy paw prints.

Include the spill resistant drinking bowls and there’s no danger of a dirty car any more!

Once clean, the foldable pet carrier kennel provides a safe and comfortable way for dogs to travel when inside the vehicle. It features a quilted fabric cushion and net windows which are surrounded by a lightweight metal frame.

Whilst most features of the Pet Pack are superficial in nature, one feature could actually protect the health of your pooch.

Image: Land Rover

The foldable pet access ramp is designed to help older or smaller dogs into the rear load space without the need to lift them or make them jump.

Recent studies suggested that dogs who jump in and out of a large car regularly could be more prone to developing the degenerative joint disease osteoarthritis.

The new Pet Packs come with a range of different pricing options, starting at £360. The most expensive package, complete with ramp and shower system, costs just under £900.

Accessories can be purchased in sets or individually from Land Rover.

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By Jamie Cameron