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Le Creuset Have Launched a New Range Of Fancy Pet Bowls

le creuset pet bowl
© Le Creuset

Le Creuset have unveiled the perfect way to treat precious furry friends to a slice of luxury living – stoneware bowls.

The iconic French cookware specialists have revealed a stylish range of colourful stoneware pet bowls, inspired by their traditional cast iron dishes found in kitchens across the world.

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le creuset pet bowl

Le Creuset

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The beautifully crafted bowls come in two sizes – perfect for both large and small dogs. The collection also features a practical pet food container, which includes a cast iron serving spoon

The bowls all come in three bold colours, Cherise red, Marseille blue and Volcanic orange, suitable for every home.

The range is also 100% dishwasher safe.

To view the entire Le Creuset pet bowl collection visit Le Creuset online.

Prices for the Le Creuset pet collection start at £25 for a small bow, £35 large bowl, £50 for a container and scoop. All are available to be ordered at Le Creuset online.

For more information on the Le Creuset pet bowl collection visit Le Creuset online.

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