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Dog-Friendly Swimming Event Lets You Swim in the Pool With Your Pooch

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Summer may be coming to a close, but dog-friendly swimming is officially back with a bang for 2019.

This pooch swim event gets you up and close with your furry friends in the pool.

Now in its third year, this Dog Swim, based in the Saltdean Lido in Brighton, is inviting pet owners to join not just one but two dog swim weekends.

On the 14/15 and 21/22 September, you can bring along your best friend with either a ‘Dog Swim,’ ‘Spectator’ or a ‘Human Swim’ ticket.

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lido dog swim 2019

Saltdean Lido

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For the dog swim ticket, your pooch can access both the main pool and paddling pool, that adorably includes a slide.

If you’d prefer to actually swim with your BF, however, you’ll need a human swim ticket.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to stand at the poolside and throw a toy instead you can opt for a spectator ticket.

Tickets range in price from around £3 up to £7.95 for a human or dog swim.

Just make sure your dog pal is on his/her best behaviour as the lifeguards are only trained for humans and your pooch may require a spot of toilet training to ensure there’s no accidents!

For full information on the LIDO Dog Swim event or to purchase a ticket visit We Got Tickets.