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People Have Been Knitting Tiny Jumpers for Guinea Pigs

© vantagepoint / Pixabay

If you thought you’d seen it all with rabbit hats, then meet mini-pig jumpers, also known as sweaters for guinea pigs.

It’s not quite the latest bizarre pet trend to emerge, but actually the result of the kind general public knitting jumpers to help out a vets surgery, Golden Valley Pets, based in North Somerset.

The jumpers aren’t intended as a stylish pet accessory, but rather as a way to keep guinea pigs warm after a general anaesthetic.

Posted by Golden Valley Vets on Thursday, 28 February 2019

After being given the drug, the guinea pigs can no longer regulate their body temperature leading to a dramatic heat loss so the unusual garment was discovered as a way to help.

The hand-knitted jumpers were originally knitted and donated to the practice by one of the nurse’s mothers but took off thanks to an appeal for knitters on their Facebook page.

?Knitted Ninny alert?Here is Gingernut modelling one of our hand knitted jumpers (kindly donated by nurse Kats Mum)Not…

Posted by Golden Valley Vets on Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The vets were then inundated with plenty of knits to keep the furry critters cosy and are no longer accepting jumpers.

However, what the surgery didn’t bargain for, was that small owners owners up and down the country would love the idea so much that they’d want the pattern to knit for their own pets at home.

“Need the pattern if possible please to knit for my friends rescues when they in a bad condition”,  Linda Mary Beckett wrote.

Many nicknamed them “piggy pullovers” while others also wanted to knit them for their rabbits.

“You need these for your bunnies” wrote Karen Strickland on Facebook.

Could this be the next best thing for small animals? If dog birthday cakes can take off…

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