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This Modern Cat Lounge Is Perfect for Those Fancy Moggies

modern cat lounge

Today, cat dedicated furniture is uber popular as owners look to give their precious moggies something fun and classy to enjoy at home.

Cat furniture has become so popular there’s even a term describing furniture designed with cats in mind called catitecture, which why designers INDOT created the modern kitty lounge for owners looking to treat their cats to some luxe living.

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modern cat lounge


Cats are often considered the perfect pet simply because they can make themselves comfortable in almost any setting, and on any type of furniture, but what if you want to give your feline friend something a bit more luxurious to experience?

The Modern Kitty Lounge by interior designers INDOT is a solid structure made of glass and wood.

Its main purpose is to provide a stimulating space and place for cats to relax and play in.

The lounge has been designed to look as if it is suspended in mid-air, almost floating in the living room.

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modern cat lounge


Cats can enter and exit the lounge through two holes on either side and offers proper ventilation through a series of wooden slats.

Once inside the lounge, cats can enjoy watching the world from a number of different perching spots, play with a scratching post, climb and rest in two hanging boxes.

The Modern Kitty Lounge is a custom build area for cats, but can be puuuurchased for your home and designed to fit.

For more information on the modern kitty lounge, or any other feline furniture options, visit INDOT online.

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