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Molly Barker Pet Accessories Are the Epitome of Contemporary and Minimalistic Style

© Carissa Weiser / Unsplash

Our love and adoration towards our four-legged companions can be expressed in various ways and sometimes treating them to some high end pet accessories is very much necessary.

Molly Barker is a sophisticated line of premium dog accessories; priding itself on extending luxury beyond a walk in the park.

Each Molly Barker product has been specifically curated for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, for both themselves and their canine.

Molly Barker

Designed and hand crafted in Australia from premium materials, Molly Barker epitomises the contemporary, minimalistic style of today, producing a bespoke range of dog collars, leads, toys, beds and natural grooming products.

Founder and director, Angela Infantino was inspired to create the brand after adopting her Great Dane x Labrador Molly.

Angela expressed: “When I got Molly I couldn’t find anything on the market that wasn’t cutsie and didn’t scream A Dog Lives Here.  I just couldn’t find anything that made me say wow isn’t that beautiful”.

Molly Barker Sasha Colar £44

Noticing a gap in the market for beautiful, simplistic and high-quality dog accessories, she set herself the goal to produce a range of elegant canine products that satisfies every dog’s needs, while complementing the style and home décor of their chic owners.

Aurora Pets is extremely focused on being eco-friendly and moving away from plastic all together this aligns with Molly Barker’s other core mission to be a label that gives back to the community and the environment.

A portion of profits from their Team Barker collection is donated to various dog charities, while their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable and re-usabe.

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