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Monat Pet Duo Offers Thorough Effectiveness With Gentle Care for Your Pet’s Grooming


When it comes to our pets, we would probably go above and beyond for their care, sometimes more so than we would for ourselves. That goes without say for the types of products that we choose to use for their hygiene.

Monat Pet offers a range of products for your pet’s hygienic care which are not only luxurious but also vegan as they haven’t been tested on animals. Offering a cleansing wash as well as a deodorizing spray this brand is set to keep your pet squeaky clean while providing gentle care.

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The cleansing shampoo is gentle yet effective in cleansing and removing dirt from pet hair, while it softens, moisturizes and soothes for a healthy-looking coat.

The deodorizing spray targets odours on dogs and dog accessories such as bedding for example.

To top it off it has a lovely delicate scent for a clean and fresh smelling dog.

After they’re all groomed up and smelling amazing all you’ll want to do is an Instagram photoshoot with your pooch.

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The key ingredients for these pet products include the MONAT exclusive botanical blended oil which is known to work hard to thoroughly and gently clean dirt whilst simultaneously softMoening your four-legged companion’s coat hair.

Monat Pet products are vegan and have no toxic ingredients in them. They have been tested on humans and loved by dogs.

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In case you’d like to purchase this bundle it retails for £43 on Monat Pets’ website.

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