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A Company Has Designed an Entire Range of Stylish Furniture That Accommodates Pets

If your pets are causing chaos around the home, then prepare to fall in love with this incredible furniture range designed exclusively for your furry friends.

The Mono Family Furniture collection is the latest idea to incorporate both an owner and a pet’s needs into the home.

On one hand, it’s simply stylish and minimalist looking, offering ample space for owners to organise essentials or have a seat, while your pets are also catered for, with special places incorporated for food and exercise.

The collection consists of pieces all made with plywood, tempered glass and powder-coated steel components, each multi-functional to enable users to customise it to their exact specifications or needs.

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mono modular pet furniture

The R-02 Rack

For example, the R-02 Rack has ample storage space and can serve multiple functions, however it’s also got a pet bed incorporated.

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mono modular pet furniture

Module M-O1

Then there’s the the Module M-O1 that not only works as a side table and has space to display your favourite decorative items, but features space for your cat to rest in.

To find out more about the collection visit the official Sosos Momo website.  

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