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The Top Ten Most Followed Instagram Pets Could Not Be Cuter

juniper the fox

We all think our pets are the cutest but when you have millions of people backing you up then it be would be fair to say it’s legitimate.

This collection of the most followed Instagram pets 2018 is mainly cats and dogs as you would expect – however there is one foxy exception!

These top ten Instagram pets have a over 30 million followers combined and they are all cute in their own way. Each is equally lovable and each have unique looks and personalities. But if you had to pick a favourite who would it be? We’ve picked ours!

Jiffpom – 8.9m followers

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Jiffpom is a Pomeranian dog who is probably cuter than the cutest teddy who was specially designed to be super cute. There’s not much to say except he’s just too cute!

In every post Jiffpom is either dressed up in a cute little outfit or performing some cute little task – or more likely a combination of both.

Nala Cat – 3.7m followers

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Caption this ?

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This seven-year-old siamese and tabby mix is Nala the cat. Nala is a rescue cat which gives her  bonus cute points.

Her massive piercing blue eyes and cheeky nature make her easily the most popular feline on Instagram with 3.7 million followers!

Doug the pug – 3.6m followers

Let’s face it, how was Doug the pug ever not going to be famous? It’s just fun to say over and over.

Doug the pug is the self proclaimed “king of pop culture” and spends his days as a canine celebrity, the living embodiment of “pug life”.

Maru Taro – 2.5m followers

Maru Taro is a Shiba-Inu who is a Japanese sensation. His popularity is spreading worldwide and he aims to conquer the western market, which is inevitable with his big smile.

He pretty much smiles like this in every post, brightening up anyone’s day who sees him. That’s probably why he has 2.5 million followers.

Grumpy Cat – 2.4m followers

We’ve arrived at the Inspiralist favourite Instagram pet! Meet Tardar Sauce, ‘the world’s grumpiest cat’. Her permanent scowl is caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism.

We think her sardonic expression is just fantastic and makes us smile every time – even if she never will! If you love her as much as we do she has socks, books, and more merchandise in her cartoon image available to buy!

Juniper – 2.4m followers

Here’s the ‘odd one out’ on the list. Meet Juniper the pet fox! So cute! She is a North American Red Fox and was adopted when she was only five-weeks-old.

Her owner claims she is the “happiest fox” and no wonder with fame and ratings like these! She’s the only non cat or dog to breakthrough into the top ten. Impressive stuff!

Marnie the Dog – 2m followers

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Me and my mosa @theanchorvenice

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Marnie the Shih Tzu just celebrated her 16th birthday. Perhaps with a glass of fizz like the one above. She was was adopted from a shelter when she was 11 years old.

Marnie likes to dress up in various outfits and is always happy to pose for photographs. She is made even cuter by her permanently lolling tongue. LOL!

Tuna – 1.9m followers

Tuna is a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix who was abandoned by his previous owner and later adopted and rescued.

His distinctive features include an exaggerated overbite and recessed jawline. We think this makes him even cuter. And 1.9 million people agree with us!

Lil’ Bub – 1.9m followers

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BUB is always partying. #lilbub #andrewwk

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Bub is a highly accomplished lady cat. She’s a published author, a talk show host and the star of an award-winning documentary. Just take our word for it.

Bub always looks in awe and wonder at the world with big eyes and open mouth! Can we keep her? Just for a little while…

Loki – 1.8m followers

Loki is part husky, malamute and arctic wolf. Pretty cool combination. Loki adores the outdoors and his inspirational posts encourage others to get out and explore the countryside.

He also sells pins with 100% of the proceeds going to children with cancer who need a service dog. What a woooooooolf!

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