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Let Your Pets Travel in Complete Comfort with This Stylish Carry Crate

pawd pet crate

Transporting pets around can often be stressful and uncomfortable for both you and your beloved furry friends, but it could soon be a much more enjoyable exercise thanks to this creative new carry crate.

Have you ever been forced to get your pet inside a cramped, uncomfortable, and often terrifying box to transport them to the vet, kennel, or holiday? It isn’t fun for, but KindTail’s PAWD crate could completely change the entire experience.

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pawd pet crate


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Designed with your furry friend’s comfort and safety in mind, the PAWD is a modern take on a classic crate.

Focusing on making sure your pets are relaxed and comfortable while being transported around, the PAWD features no sharp edges or corners that could cause any harm.

pawd pet crate


Made from polypropylene, the PAWD has been built to withstand all sorts of pet damage, while still offering a robust and durable crate.

It features a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry, but its most impressive aspect is it can collapse into a easily transportable and storable unit when it is not being used.

That means no more ugly crates taking up valuable storage space in your cupboard or garage, the PAWD can fit seamlessly into any space without any issue.

The PAWD comes in two colour ways, dark grey and salmon pink, and is available to buy for £76, with additional shipping costs, from KindTail online.

For more information on PAWD crates, or other PAWD pet accessories, visit kindtail online.

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