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You Can Hang a Personalised Version Of Your Pet on Your Christmas Tree

© Brett Sayles / Pexels

It’s true we’re a nation of animal lovers so why not show it this Christmas with your very own personalised pet decoration?

If your furry friends aren’t already being treated to one of these genius Christmas gifts for pets or lavished with their very own pet stocking, you can also show your love for your pet with these hanging decorations.

Created from bamboo, the decorations are simple in design but immediately look effective once popped onto a Christmas tree.

You can choose from 105 different animals and breeds, then personalise it with your pets name.


Whether you have a perfect pug or a fabulous feline, this decoration would make for a special treat for your own tree or the perfect gift for animal lovers.

It even comes in bird-shaped varieties or small animal lovers can also join in the fun with rabbit and rat designs.

Each decoration comes fitted with a copper wire for easy hanging so you can enjoy placing them around the house.

At £9 each, it might not be the most purse-friendly bulk buy, but we’d love to see a pet lover dedicate their entire tree to their favourite friend!

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