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It’s Time to Treat Your Furry Friend to a Pet Advent Calendar This Christmas

dogs at christnas

Advent calendars have been providing us with Christmas fun for over 100 years. Advent calendars for pets, however, are a more recent innovation.

Dog and cat advent calendars have become increasingly popular, with new variations emerging each year.

Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and even rabbits all get to join in the festive fun with their own special ‘small pets’ calendar.

Christmas is a time for family and our pets are integral to the family unit. So while you treat yourselves this year, treat your furry friends too.

Lily’s Kitchen ‘Christmas Spectacular’ for dogs

pet advent calendars 2018Christmas panto inspired advent calendar, Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Spectacular has 24 windows generously filled with Lily’s Kitchen naturally wholesome treats. The treats feature a wide range of ingredients designed to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Expect to find organic apple flavoured biscuits, blackstrap molasses and chamomile and passion flowers among many other ingredients in this premium pampered pooch product.

£10, Lily’s Kitchen

Pet Brands advent calendar for dogs

These treats look like the chocolate treats we all know and love but they are in fact made from carob. These dog-safe chocolate treats are free from cocoa, wheat and gluten.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty eating your daily dose of chocolate as your dog will have one too. Although chances are the doggy chocolate will be devoured before you even get yours in your mouth!

Available from Amazon

‘Cupid and Comet’ advent calendar for cats

Cats may not be as needy as dogs but they still want to be included in the Christmas festivities. This calendar of cat treats should be something that entices them back through the catflap each morning.

Each window contains a yoghurt and catnip flavour treat that they are sure to go crazy for.

£4.11, Amazon

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home ‘For Your Dog’ advent calendar

This product has contributed over £70,000 in royalties from the sale of Battersea products, to support the work of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. So not only are you helping your pet by making them happy but also helping other pets in the process.

The treats come in the form of 24 dog biscuits that your dog will look forward to every day. If they get used to a daily treat and still want one after Christmas they will have do make do with Christmas dinner leftovers!

£6.99, Calendar Club

Caltime advent calendar for small pets

Cats and dogs always grab the pet headlines but we’re not leaving out our smallest furry friends in this compilation. Each daily treat is split into three fruit shaped biscuits that allows extra nibble time.

Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and bunnies all rejoice, Christmas is coming to a home near you this year.

Available from Amazon

Hatch Wells horse advent calendar

And why should larger pets be left out either? These carob and peppermint treats break up into 4 sections. Perfect is you own more than one horse or make the fun last longer for one lucky single horse.

These treats will make December special for your horse, allowing them to take part in festivities and providing a welcome change to carrots!

£6.49, Amazon

Good Boy ‘Pawsley Meaty Treats’ advent calendar for dogs

No dog will be able to resist the deliciously tasty 100% natural meaty treats behind every door. Each treat is 100% natural human grade meat and delicately roasted to perfection.

Be prepared, one of these tasty morsels per day may simply not be enough for your dog this holiday season!

£11.99, Amazon

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