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There’s a New Pet Bakery That Specialises in Birthday Cakes For Dogs

© Delaney Dawson / Unsplash

Two Dundee friends have opened a bakery specialising in making birthday cakes for dogs.

Cheryl Walker, 27, and Amy Plummer, 31, have been inundated with orders since opening Dundee Dog Kitchen – sparking what they hope will be a new trend in the pet world.

Cheryl, who lives in Fintry, said she had the idea after struggling to find a fresh cake for her own collie Tess’s first birthday.

She said: “I wanted to throw Tess a party and give her a big treat.

“I wanted to get her a cake but I couldn’t find anything.

Birthday cakes for dogs is becoming a big trend, with a pet bakery also open in London.

“I ended up ordering a cake online which came wrapped in cellophane and had a six-month shelf life – there just wasn’t anyone making anything fresh.”

Cheryl and Amy joined forces to fill the gap in the market and opened their pet bakery in December.

Their cakes are sugar-free and are packed with carrots, yoghurt, honey, peanut butter and other healthy ingredients which are all locally produced and contain health benefits for the dogs.

Amy, who lives in Lochee, said: “We get a mixed reaction when we tell people what we’re doing, but dog lovers are very enthusiastic about it.

“It’s taken off really quickly which is all a bit bizarre but very exciting.”

Pet owner Imogen Hynd, 29, couldn’t wait to get a special carrot cake made for her black Labrador Skye on her first birthday.

Imogen Hynd and husband Cameron with dog Skye / Image:  Steve MacDougall / DCT Media

Imogen, of Broughty Ferry, said: “We wanted to mark the occasion because we love her to bits – she’s our little fur baby.

“She’s part of the family. You’d do that for a human member of the family, so why not do it for a dog too?

“We wanted to treat her because she deserves it.”

And it seems pet owners across the city agree. Dundee Dog Kitchen has had 17 birthday cake orders over the next two months.

It sold 135 Valentine “pupcakes” and 250 Christmas cakes at its launch.

Cheryl added: “We’re in a new age of pet ownership where people treat their dogs like family, which is why I think our idea has really caught on.”

From: Evening Telegraph

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