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Gift Ideas You and Your Pet Will Love This Christmas

pet owner gifts

Celebrate the bond between you and your pets with our pick of the best Christmas gifts for pets and pet lovers.

Christmas is not only the time of year for us to enjoy ourselves, but our wider family too, more specifically – the cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other creatures we share our lives with.

Maybe you want to celebrate Christmas differently with your pet this year? Or just want to spoil them. Either way, get inspired by some of these purrfect pet gifts and get ready to shower your loved ones with gifts galore this festive period.


pet owner gifts

Everyone can snap a pic of their pet today on their mobile devices, but they inevitably stay marooned somewhere in your picture gallery never to be looked at again.

So why not take a page out of the Victorian-age playbook by having your pet immortalised in a portrait?

Get a pet portrait by Paint by Dug or Melanie & Nicholas and have an image of your loved one hanging on your wall for everyone to see.


pet owner gifts

Petcams are everywhere today, allowing pet parents to never be far from their furry friends.

What if you want a bit more that just seeing your pets while you are away at work? What if you want the camera to be able to sense if your pet is anxious? Scared? Perhaps needs to go outside? Or is hungry?

The Furbo Dog Camera is the petcam for you. This camera does not only make sure you pet is comfortable, senses their emotions, even feeds them, it provides you with the opportunity to talk to your animals through a speaker embedded into the camera.

£199.00, Furbo.


pet owner gifts

What can we not personalise today? It’s certainly not pet cushions.

Whether it is for your cat, dog, rabbit or another pet, get them a personalised cushion for their favorite perch around the house.

£14.00, giftpup.com


pet owner gifts

Anyone who owns a pets knows storing treats is a hassle. They are not the nicest smelling items, especially to keep in the kitchen, but what if you could store them in an easy to access area and not sacrifice a beautifully scented home?

Grab yourself a pet treats tin to keep your loved ones favorite treats in, and some can even be personalised.

£28, NotontheHighsteet


pet owner gifts

Dogs love going out for a walk.

They love the opportunity to smell everything, chase toys and play.

Why not make sure you never lose your dogs lead, and also have a secure location for when the time comes for your favorite time of the day with a dedicated dog lead hanger – which can also be personalised.

£35, NotontheHighstreet


pet owner gifts

Dogs, cats and all pets love to run about – no matter the weather conditions. They therefore, inevitability, get their furry coats wet, and that often can lead to them becoming a bit smelly.

Why not help keep your pets coats nice and dry with a sharp coat or rain jacket.

No more wet animals and messy towels.

From £8.99, NotontheHighstreet

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