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The Pet Pita Is Here to Help You Carry Your Furry Friends Safely and Comfortably

pet pita

When it comes to carrying or transporting your furry friends sometimes it’s a very uncomfortable experience for both parties, that could be about to change courtesy of this inventive, and very cute, new carry aid.

The Pet Pita is the newest, and cutest, way to handle, medicate, groom, and carry, your cat or dog, you need to think about adding to your accessory collection this year.

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pet pita

The Pet Pita

Cats and dogs are not always the easiest to pickup and hold while trying to take them to the vet, around the house, or in and out of the car.

They wriggle, struggle, and, more often than not, do everything possible to avoid being carried.

This cute soft sideded carrier is here to help. The pita is made of a comfortable canvas, which is machine washable, and is designed for carrying small to medium dogs and cats, and also lift and support injured, older pooches, and moggies who might have back or leg problems.

pet pita

Pet Pita

The Pita is easy to use, all you do is put your pets front and back legs through a set of holes, fold over the sides, and carry your pets as you would a bag of shopping with a pair of handles.

The Pita helps you transport your furry friends around without the need for a pet box or clutching them in your arms.

The Pita is priced at £29.99, plus a delivery charge, and is available at Amazon online.

For more information on this cute and very helpful pet carry case visit The Pet Pita online.

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