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Your Next Home Could Be One Part Minimalist Haven Second Part Ultimate Pet Playground

pet playground home

Homes today are getting more practical and smaller in order to make our lives that little bit easier to manage and control, but we always need to remember our furry friends also need to be considered when we are creating our minimalistic escapes.

When alone at home, pets are often left to entertain themselves and sometimes that can be tricky when there is little to keep them stimulated, especially in clutter-free, simple abodes.

However, we might have found an inventive space that strikes a harmony between an everyday living environment and pet play-park.

Sim-Plex design studios have created a stunning pet friendly home that can be shifted, moved and adapted to make the space feel relaxing and comfortable for everyone, especially our fur babies.

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pet playground home


The Hong Kong-based design studio, who specialise in developing unique home spaces, have created an environment that not only guarantees a relaxing abode for a couple to live in, but one that also allows pets to keep themselves entertained while their owners are out.

The home features clever space-saving and decluttering solutions, which Marie Kondo would approve of, transforming furniture that can be hidden when not being used, and areas the entire family can relax and have fun in.

pet playground home


The pet playground home has not only been designed for pets, but is also a standpoint to achieve a balance between privacy and communion through an inventive spatial space.

The design attempts to create a flexible layout to fulfill the many requirements of those living in the home, including pets.

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pet playground home


The home features a number of sliding components that help to offer the illusion of a bigger area, when in fact it is a much smaller space.

The pet playground aspect of the home applies to the many number of holes, boxes, walkways, steps, and hidey holes, pets can explore and play in.

The home has been created using ecologically sourced wood, and is scratch proof which means your pets can’t completely destroy it.

For more information on the Pet Playground home visit Sim-Plex online.

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