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Tiny Tents for Pets Exist So Your Furry Friends Can Join In the Camping

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We all want our pets to feel part of the family, so why not let them join in the holiday fun with adorable tiny pet tents?

With an increasing number of pet owners choosing to take their friend with them wherever they go, this purrfect idea might seem crazy at first but it’s actually taking off.

Multiple sellers in both the UK and US are offering a weatherproof haven for your best friend in life, often starting life as a way to simply shade your pets from bright sunshine.

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pet tents

Cat Camp creates tiny tents for cats

Cat Camp, founded in the US, created the cat tent as a unique cat bed that would offer felines a handy dark hideaway to hide from predators and feel naturally safe within its walls.

This then also became a unique way to rest for a few nights under the stars.

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Pet tents are also suitable for small dogs

In the UK too, you can pick up the cutest pet tent for cats and small dogs for around £15.99 on Amazon.

Like any human tent equivalent, you simply pitch it by using the supplied poles and the waterproof fabric will protect your pet from all the elements.

If you’d prefer you camp with your cat indoors, however, there’s also brilliant teepee beds for the fussy feline who loves nothing but luxury in life!

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