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You Can Now Kit your Pooches Out in Adidas-Inspired Workout Gear When you’re Getting a Sweat on

pet workout onesie

Do your pets ever get workout envy when you’re building up a sweat during a home exercise session? This pet clothing company could have something to help.

Whether your dogs are feeling left out while you burn calories at home or want a cosy matching outfit for weekend coffee trips, the Zoyee Pet “Adidog” onesie is the cutest answer to help solve your four legged friends jumpsuit jealousy.

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pet workout onesie


The unbelievably cute onesie has a four-legged design, with a three-button closure and elastic waist – to make sure the outfit is easy to put on and take off.

The fabulous hooded part of the whole ensemble comes complete with “Adidog” on the back, and also includes two stripes, not the three for Adidas, which run along the onesie.

The cutest feature, however, is instead of the iconic Adidas stripe logo triangle, the Zoyee Pet onesie has a fab dog bones logo in its place.

The onesies are made using super-soft cotton material and come in six different colour options; pink, black, yellow, grey, red and blue, and sizes from small for the tiny doggies to xx-large.

The hoodies are all machine washable, because we all know dogs are almost guaranteed to get these workout outfits filthy.

Each hoodie is priced at £19.50, with additional delivery charges to be added, and are available at Amazon online.

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