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Personalise Your Next Cozy Blanket by Printing Your Furry Friends Face All Over It

print your pet

When the time comes for a sleeping blanket upgrade, why not show off how much you love your pet’s by having their faces printed all over a new, colourful home essential.

Print Your Pet are offering owners the chance to print their pet’s face all over a comfy and soft blankets, perfect for when you, or your pooches and moggies, want to snuggle up on at night or chilly days.

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print your pet

Print your Pet

Blankets can often end up being bland and rather dull, so for your next cozy cover why not create a personalised alternative with your pets face on it.

From pooches to cats, and even birds, owners can now immortalise their furry friends on a blanket, and they are just the cutest.

The process is very simple, owners visit the Print Your Pet website, choose from 11 fab blanket colours and attach the image of your pet, or pets, you want to be printed onto the blanket.

The illustrations are not exact replicas, rather softened illustrations.

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print your pet

Print your Pets

The blankets come in a variety of sizes, perfect for young pups, cats, and big pooches, and are 100 per cent hand made, lasting up to 100 washes.

And if you need any more excuses why you need to buy these blankets, all profits from the blankets are donated to pet shelters that keep pets cozy and warm.

For more information on the fab blankets visit Print your Pet online.

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