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You Can Get Paid to Be in a Cat Cafe and Care for the Kittens

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As far as dream jobs go, this opportunity in a cat cafe in Glasgow is paw-sitively brilliant.

The city’s only cat cafe – called Purrple Cat Cafe – is on the lookout for new staff and of course it involves spending your working days surrounded by adorable felines.

Perfect for any cat lover, the cafe, which is based on the corner of High Street and the Trongate, are hiring full and part-time ‘Cattendants’ who will look after both the resident felines and customers too.

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The ideal attendant will need to be calm in a crisis with an awareness of sick or injured animals, but also be able to “think on their feet whilst maintaining the relaxing calm of the café for guests.”

As it’s a working cafe, the job won’t all be cuddling kitties, the job is 90 per cent cleaning, according to the job description.

Part time is Monday to Friday four hours a day, and full-time is flexible 36 hours a week over seven days.

To find out more information about the cat cafe job go online here.

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