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Beanies for Bunnies Will Brighten Up Your Day

Small animal lovers, keep your bunny cosy with a little extra addition. These adorable crochet rabbit hats will keep furry heads oh-so-warm this autumn/winter.

Created by pet accessory shop Healthy Nibbles, the range of bunny beanies vary in design and colour and can be picked up for between £10 – £15.

Styles include simply crochet beanie hats all the way through to Christmas specials with elf and Santa designs.

From £11.97, Etsy

From £14.96, Etsy

There’s also a dashing range of bows, y’know in case your rabbit has a special date coming up.


£5.39, Etsy

Pet lovers have naturally responded by posting some seriously adorable user pictures.

Image: Etsy people/pammarth

Of course, we always recommend responsible use of pet accessories so ensure your bunny is feeling comfortable with his new addition and consider using for short periods of time only.

Also note the shop itself is based in Australia before you buy, however you can expect a reasonable shipping cost of only £2.39.

So cute!

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