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Recyclable Cat Accessory Range Will Create the Purrfect Environmentally Friendly Playground

© Vladislav Karpyuk

Whether you’re looking to treat your feline to a scratch pad or their new favourite toy, why not do it in style with this recyclable cat accessory range?

Called CA&T, the pet brand focuses on cat scratchers, interactive toys and sleep houses all made from recycled materials.

Created primarily from cardboard, these unique environmentally friendly products encourage your cat’s natural instincts to scratch and play.


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There’s the stylish cat houses, featuring an integrated scratch pad and catnip pouch, as well as the funkiest recyclable toys.


With toys such as the interactive kitty race track and giant cheese, these interactive games are sure to keep them engaged and occupied.

Not to mention, they’re fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and super easy to use.

The CA&T recyclable cat accessory range is available now at PJ Pet Products and Amazon, while stock is available, with prices starting from £7.99.

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