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The Royal Family Had a Big Influence On Our Pet Names in 2018

Royal pet names

The Royal family have had a big 2018 with weddings and births stealing the headlines, but it has been revealed they also had a major impact on what the UK public called their pets.

With all eyes firmly glued onto the Windsors, Cambridges and Sussexes and what their next moves are, it is little surprise that their influence has crossed species with regal pet names becoming a favorite of ours in 2018.

Naming our pets after the royals was our chosen inspiration for our furry companions and it doesn’t look like slowing down in 2019, with Harry and Meghan expecting their first children in the new year – the names of which will undoubtedly shoot to the top of the pet list.

Royal pet names

Pets named after Harry and Meghan were the most popular in 2018 with the likes of Duke, William, Sophie, George, Prince, Charlotte and Kate all making the top ten.

Royal pet names

Not to be left out, even the Queen, a longtime lover of corgis, was listed amongst the most popular names as well.

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