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New Scented Dog Brush Could End Baths for Pooches

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If you love your pets but not the odour, you need to see this latest innovation: a scented dog brush that’ll help banish unwanted scents.

Called ‘Pet-Fresh’ the idea is to rid your dog and your home off odours once and for all, while providing a genius grooming solution.

If you’ve often wrestled with your pooch in the bathtub or tried to deknot their coat, then you’ll understand exactly why this dog brush could be the future.

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It works by releasing a scented mist that works to eliminate odours trapped in the dog’s fur, naturally conditioning it while also removing tangles that could develop into knots if left unattended.

Essentially, this could mean no more bath time for your dog and a much happier time all round.

Plus, it comes with a handy USB so you can just recharge and go or refill with scent cartridges that reflect your favourite smell, including lavender and chamomile oil.

At present, the idea is receiving backing on Kickstarter, and if you pledge around $45 you could be the first to receive one of your very own if you live in Canada or America.

For everyone else, there may be a while until this pooch-trend fully takes off but if you’re looking to banish the odours in the meantime, there’s always picking up one of these perfect pet odour candles!

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