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This Perfect Pet T-Shirt Allows You To Cancel Your Weekend Plans in Style

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Pet owners, you might not care to admit it but it’s likely you’ve considered cancelling evening plans at least once in your life – to spend time with your furry friend.

Only now, you can no longer feel ashamed of it and admit it to the world thanks to this purrfect range of t-shirts.

Designed by t-shirt creator Buzzshirts, this shirt allows you cancel your weekend plans in style by displaying the words “Sorry I can’t…” followed by “I have plans with my cat.”

It’s also super stylish with  soft grey colouring and illustrated cat on the front so you can most definitely wear it with pride.

Amazon, £7.99

Plus cat dads as well as cat mums can pick one up as the item is actually unisex.

It might just be a stylish addition to your wardrobe but pet owners have been commenting on the undeniable truth of its intention.

User HeatherWho wrote: ” I love my cat and talk to him like he’s a baby more than I do my kids haha so I had to have it. Material is nice and soft, the print is lovely, nice shade of grey. Just perfect. Very happy crazy cat lady :)”

If you love the idea but also own a dog, you can also pick up the idea for pooches over on Amazon.

Sorry I can’t… pet t-shirts are available now on Amazon for £7.99.