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Animal Charity Calls on Feline Lovers to Create Knitted Mice for Kittens at Easter


If you’re looking for the perfect family activity this Easter weekend, you probably didn’t expect you’d consider creating knitted mice.

Yet, that’s exactly what charity SPCA Auckland Centre, based in New Zealand, have suggested after recently been inundated with abandoned kittens.

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As well as a future home, the furry friends are in need of one very special thing: their very own knitted mouse.

Writing on the SPCA Auckland Centre Facebook page, the charity wrote:


We are getting loads of kittens in and have no mice for any of them.”

WE DESPERATELY NEED KNITTED MICE!We are getting loads of kittens in and have no mice for any of them. ?We like to…

Posted by SPCA Auckland Centre on Sunday, 14 April 2019

The post then asks kind members of the public to consider knitting mice for the kittens as an Easter weekend activity.

The idea is that eventually every kitten at the centre will get their own mouse and they’ve provided a full step-by-step instruction guide on how to do so.

Of course, as the centre is based in New Zealand,  sending over your knitted mice could prove quite a task but the idea does provide a brilliant craft project for your own pets at home this Easter.

If you’re not quite over Easter eggs for pets, why not treat your kitties to a homemade mouse?

It could even be a great way to give something back to your local homeless cat shelter!

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