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This Super Dog Costume Will Make Your Pooch Feel Like a Marvel Hero

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We all know dogs can be real life heroes but now you can make them feel like one too with this brilliant super dog cape.

Featuring a glittering lightning bolt and metallic trim for a superhero style finish, it’s created with 100% soft polyester, alongside riptape and elasticated bands for adjustability ensuring the perfect fit.

You also just can’t miss the vibrant red colour, which makes it feel like something out of a Marvel superhero movie.

super dog costume

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Available in sizes XS-S to M-L, the cape can fit a variety of dogs but would probably suit smaller breeds perfectly.

Plus, as it’s machine washable too, it’ll be ready for their next dress up days in no time.

Ensure your dog feels and moves comfortably in any costume by following these dog costume tips.

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Whether you’re just looking to give your pooch a little shelter from the weather or they have a puppy party engagement coming up, this perfect pet coat could do the job nicely!

Super Dog Fancy Dress Up is available now via Marks & Spencer for £5.

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