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There’s a New Air Conditioning System For Dogs in Cars That Can Prevent Overheating

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The fast-paced development of technology is arguably benefiting various aspects of our lives and the lives of our four legged companions as seen by the likes of the innovative car company Tesla.

Tesla has introduced a new software update “Dog Mode” which will enable pet owners to leave their four legged companions in their car without worry about overheating.

tesla dog mode


You may have come across cases of careless people leaving their pets in the car while they had to run a few errands only to find out that the pets didn’t make it by the time that they had returned to the car because of the high temperature.

Dog Mode keeps the air conditioning on while it also lets passersby know that they owner of the dog is away and will be back soon via the car’s enter screen.

On this screen, those outside of the car are able to see that the cabin is being maintained at a comfortable temperature, alongside a comforting message: “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry!”

The way to activate this feature, Tesla drivers can tap a fan icon on the car’s enter screen while they can also make any additional adjustments to the temperature as required.

Car company’s are observed to be more conscious in terms of their customer’s four legged friends, as also seen by Range Rover. Towards the end of 2018 the car company introduced their full range of dog accessories perfect for washing down your pets on the go.

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