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This Hilarious Doggy Hairdryer Will Make Bath Time a Whole Lot Easier

the dog hairdryer

If bath time is a stressful experience for you and your pooch we might just have found the best way to make sure your dogs are always looking fresh after a good scrub, and it also takes care of any lingering smells.

The Puff-n-Fluff is the doggy hairdryer you always wanted, making bath time an experience both you and your furry friend will actually enjoy.

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dog hairdryer

Pexels & Puff-n-Fluff

All dog owners have been there, after washing your muddy pup, trying to get them dry is a nightmare.

They’ll try to shake themselves dry, or drag themselves themselves all over your carpets and couches. It can be a painfully frustrating experience for both dog, owner, and home.

Those stressful moments could now be a thing of the past courtesy of this hilariously effective doggy hairdryer from Puff-n-Fluff.

The hairdryer acts as a jacket or bath robe, which comes in a variety of sizes that’ll fit all dogs, and slips on to your pooch once bath time is finished.

There is a connecting tube which is attached to a traditional hairdryer, and once all is secure the hairdryer is turned on and delivers blasts of warm air. The fun jacket drys your pooch and will even make sure all lingering smells are blown away to leave you with a fresh looking doggy.

Bath time has now been saved.

The Puff-n-Fluff ranges in prices from £30 for an extra-small to £60 for a large size and are available at The Dog Dryer online.

For more information on the Puff-n-Fluff visit The dog dryer online.


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