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This Spring Pet Collection Will Add a Pop Of Colour to Your Home

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Not that National Pet Day should be an excuse to love or “be nicer” to your pet than any other day, but it is definitely a good excuse to show your love for your four-legged companion anyway.

In the name of pet parents’ love for their pets, the Range has just launched an exclusive spring collection for pets in time for National Pet Day.

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The Range

This collection consists of three different colours which are: green, blue or black.

What is included is a pet bed, and bowls which come in three different sizes.

The designs were especially conceptualized to welcome spring as the patterns are all about flowers and a light colour palette.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your pet home products looking dull as these will definitely provide a pop of colour in your home.

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The Range

This collections has just been launched in your local store hence why it’s listed on the website yet.

Usually beds range from £17.99 – £19.99 while pet bowls range from £1.99 – 4.99.

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