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This Chic Wooden Cat Tower Is the Stylish Gym Your Furry Friend Always Wanted

three poles cat tower

If you own a cat you will understand the struggle, trying to find toys for them to play with while still maintaining a comfortable home that does not resemble a pet shop is tough.

Pet gyms and exercise toys are often not the most attractive looking pieces of equipment to have sitting about your stylish home, but that might soon change thanks to the Three Poles Collection.

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three poles cat tower

Jiyoun Kim Studio

Created by industrial designer, Jiyoun Kim Studio, in partnership with a Korean pet product company, the Three Poles offers all the exercise and fun needed to keep your furry friend entertained, while still making sure the gym can fit seamlessly into a modern, 21st century home.

The collection understand the needs of both owner and cat. Three Poles harmoniously combines stylish living without ignoring a cat’s natural habits to climb, play and relax.

The exercise tower is made using beechwood and plywood, with metal rods to connect all the platforms together, which are interchangeable to keep your cat guessing.

There are a number of different fun platforms from lookout rests to a scratch pad and comfortable rest areas for your pet to have fun on.

For more information on the Three Poles, or any other pet product, visit Jiyoun Kim Studio online.

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