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Research Shows It Takes Just 30 Minutes to Fall in Love with Your Pet

Pet love

Whenever we see a pet it is often very difficult not to completely fall in love with them from the second they start jumping or licking you, but how quickly do you really think it takes to fall in love with them? And how does it compare with your partner?

Unless you have a fear of furry animals, it is not hard to fall completely in love pets from the moment you lock eyes with them. Pets are often just furry, love-filled animals that want nothing more than you to love them.

A new study from Agria Pet Insurance has revealed that more than half of the dog owners they surveyed fell in fact love with their pet in just 30 minutes, while it took a lot longer for couples to feel the same about each other.

Pet love


When it comes to unconditional love, the one between pets and their owners is undoubtedly the best example, and research is here to back it up.

The research carried out by Agria pet insurance, which surveyed 2,000 pet owners, found that 40% of those polled admit the moment they met their pets it was love at first sight.

The research goes even deeper in our pet love, with 53% prefer to cuddle up to their dog on the couch rather than their partner and 28% said they would rather share their bed with their pet than their partner.

Owners also admitted it took them just 30 minutes to completely fall in love with their pets.

Pet love


Comparing those numbers with how owners felt about their respective other halves, 16% said when they met their partner for the first time it was love at first sight, it took six months to fall in love with their partner against 30 minutes for their pets, and that 37% put the needs of their pets first over their partners.

The research also suggests that relationships with pets often lasts longer than marriages.

For more information on the survey visit Agria Pet Insurance online.

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