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Cat Owner Quits Job and Sells Everything He Owns to Travel World with Beloved Feline

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We all dream of packing in a job and travelling around the world, but for some lucky people (and cats) dreams really do come true.

Rich East and his feline friend, Willow, have made every job hating individual dare to dream once more as they travel around Australia together, documenting their travels as they go via the wonders of their very own Instagram account.

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Van Cat Meow

Van Cat Meow

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Quite literally Rich East quit his job and sold all his belongings to enjoy the beautiful sights of down under with his cat.

In fact, the dynamic duo have been enjoying travelling together for two and half years.

He’s even affectionately nicknamed his cat ‘Willow the Van Cat’ and has his very own site called Van Cat Meow.

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van cat meow

Van Cat Meow

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Originally from Hobart, Tasmania, East has been travelling in a camper van across the country after waking up one day to a make the life changing decision.

He has now traveled more than 50,000 kilometers with his feline friend, reaching  South Australia, 6 states and 2 territories of Australia.

They’ve even sailed the Great Barrier Reef together and camped on the mountains in Burketown, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Now in case you wondered whether the whole thing was indeed real or not, here’s just some of the gems you can expect from East’s photography…

There’s Willow walking down a fallen tree…

Enjoying Christmas down under…

Chilling with his friend in the desert…

To discover their journey for yourself, follow Rich East and Willow over on their official Instagram account @vancatmeow.

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