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This Interactive Toy Is the Sustainable Friend Your Pet Never Knew They Needed

west paw chew toy

For most dogs, anything they can pick up with their mouths is fair game to be transformed into their new chew toy, but they aren’t always the best, or most sensible, options for them to play with.

Whether it is a new shoe, pillow case, socks, plastic bottles, or furniture, pets are almost always happy with anything, much to the chagrin of owners.

But what if they could have a new chew toy that one, helped to shield them from potential harm?  Two, saved your house from further doggy destruction, and three, was a fab sustainable and non-toxic alternative?

Pooch toy aficionados, West Paw, have created the perfect chew toy called the Skamp that’ll keep your furry friends endlessly entertained – and is made from non-harmful, environmental friendly materials.

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west paw chew toy

West Paw

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Any dog owner will tell you, everything in indoors and outdoors is a potential chew toy.

The Skamp is the latest addition to West Paw’s growing Zogoflex Echo Collection, which features everything from balls to sticks, and is ideal for puppies and older dogs.

The Echo range is made from non-toxic, sturdy and safe materials, but unlike other chew toys which are often thick and ridged, West Paw’s creations are all hollow.

The reason for the hollow cores? It means the toys are more pliable, lighter, and offers a much softer bite, which helps those dogs who have teeth that are either not fully formed or a bit more fragile.

west paw chew toy

West Paw

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Designed for moderate chewers, the Skamp is the perfect toy for dogs to play toss, fetch and tug-of-war with.

The three uniquely-shaped lobes encourage interactive play. The Skamp is dishwasher safe and made from BPA and Phthalate-free, non-toxic materials.

Priced at £21.99 RRP, the Skamp comes in three different colours: green, purple or orange.

To order your dogs’ next favourite chew toy visit Rover Skit or Amazon online.

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