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Your Pooch will have Endless Fun with These Stylish Pet Accessories

wild one pet accessories

When it comes to finding a pet toys and accessories built to maximise fun and fit into your home decor aesthetic, this new collection ticks all those boxes, and then some.

Pet toy and accessory designers, Wild One, have created a fabulous range of dog toys, leashes, and water-resistant beds, striving to make play time, walkies and nap time for pets easier and a whole lot more joyful.

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wild one pet accessories

Wild One

Anyone who owns a dog will know, it’s often a struggle to find toys that’ll withstand constant chewing, biting, and pulling, beds which are water resistant, and stylish leads, collars and harness that aren’t just super cute, but are also comfortable for your pets.

Wild One are here to help.

The pet accessory designers have created a collection that blends seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic, while also offering comfort and fun for your pets.

The range features a multi-functional dog bed that includes a pair of stainless steel bowls and a comfortable, water-resistant, memory foam bed. The bed comes in both small and medium sizes, perfect for big and small pets.

There’s a walking kit, which comes with a collar, harness, colour-matching leash and a poop bag carrier. The kit also comes in a range of sizes from extra-small to extra-large, and in either navy, tan, red, blush, black, or grey.

The toy collection is focused on stimulating every aspect of your pets personality. You and your pets will be able to tug, toss and chew your hearts out with this range of fun and stylish toys. Made using 100% natural rubber, 100% organic cotton, each toy has a reinforced core for added strength and can even hide treats for your pets to find inside.

The Wild One pet accessories are priced between £40 for the toy kit, £90 for the walkies kit, and £110 for the home kit, all are available at Wild One online.

For more information on the Wild One pet accessories range visit Wild One online.

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