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This Swing Shelf Is The Epitome of Smart Living

© Image / German Smart Living

With consumers living in homes where space is limited especially in big cities, the need for multipurpose functionality is essential. That’s why this “SWING” piece by German Smart Living is ideal for small living spaces.

The “Swing” is a shelving unit that doubles up as a dining table.

The unit is integrated with castors and high-quality materials that enable it to shift easily from shelf to dining table – as can be seen from the video below.

The charming space miracle is made of the highest quality materials in Germany and is available in various designs and colours.

SWING by EVE collection is a dream for anyone who does not want to give away living space.

swing shelf smart living

Swing Shelf Smart Living

The outdoor version of the SWING shelf is also suitable for your garden or balcony.

There is also a wall mounted version allowing you to transform an office or dining space by mounting the table up against the wall when not utilised.

Swing Shelf Smart Living

Fip Ottoman Sofa Bed

Another piece of furniture that could compliment your small space nicely and efficiently would be the stylish Fip Ottoman sofa bed offering a living room area seat and a sofa bed.

Coming in two different colours, grey and dark blue this makes the perfect addition to a contemporary small space, combining efficiency and comfort in one piece of furniture.